Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Many Sites, So Little Time

The great thing about the interwebs: you can find anything there! The bad thing about the interwebs: you can find anything there! So, what's a parent, caregiver, or teacher to do? How can you tell not only which sites are appropriate but which are the best of the best for kids?

Look no further. The Association for Library Service to Children (the ALSC, a good acronym to know), which is a division of The American Library Association (ALA), has a Great Web Sites for Kids Committee that carefully screens sites "for design, stability, authorship, clear purpose, and content." Here's the skinny:

"Great Web Sites for Kids (GWS)* features links to websites of interest to children 14 years of age and younger, organized into diverse subject headings, from astronomy and space to zoos and aquariums, from games and entertainment to geography and maps. There is also a special section with sites of interest to parents, caregivers and teachers. Members of the ALSC GWS Committee...regularly check the entire site to ensure currency and [to] re-evaluate sites as [needed]."

Still need more? Ask the staff member at the Children's desk to open up our "Favorites" tab in Internet Explorer, where she will find lots more to recommend to you.

*librarians really, REALLY love them some acronyms.....

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