Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ooo La La! Tres Chic!

On Monday, February 20, we celebrated all things fancy and French with our Fancy Nancy Hearts and Flowers Tea Party. Over 50 young mesdemoiselles and messieurs ages 4-8 sipped (iced) tea (with their pinkies out, of course) and nibbled cookies; listened to a plethora of Parisian tunes; worked on Fancy Nancy-themed mazes, matching games, and coloring pages; listened to a book from the Fancy Nancy series; and tested their posture and poise with a book relay. The catch: they had to carry the books on their heads...

Merci beaucoup to Mlle. Laurie, Mlle. Angela, and several parents for their help on the day. It was tres magnifique! We have other special events planned for the spring, and the reading club keeps us busy all summer, but please keep an eye out for the fall 2012 calendar for our next fancy event.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Books In Brief: Meanwhile...

Reviewer: Travis

The name of the book being recommended: Meanwhile... by Jason Shiga

Please give us five reasons why this book is awesome:

1. This is actually a Choose Your Own Adventure-style book, but in a graphic novel format.

2. That means that you can win or lose!

3. A poor choice in ice cream leads to your encounter with a mad scientist, and you'll hold the fate of humanity in your hands.

4. It's silly AND apocalyptic.

5. Once you win, you can go back and find the secret extras that the author hid in the book.

How can I find this book in the library? It can be found in the Children's Department, in graphics, under the call number j GRA SHIGA.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Books in Brief: Zombie Tag

Zombie TagZombie Tag by Hannah Moskowitz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the most amazing book I've read all year. Granted, it is only the beginning of February, but still. Uh-Mazing.

The plot, in super-brief: 12-year-old zombie-obsessed Wil finds a way to bring his older brother Graham back from the dead. But will Graham be the same awesome big brother Wil remembers, or will he instead eat Wil's brains? Perhaps more importantly, has Wil just triggered the zombie apocalypse?

This book has everything (suspense, fun, heartbreak) and it goes way beyond its action-packed premise to tackle issues of loss, identity, friendship and responsibility head-on.

(And if that weren't enough, the author includes instructions at the end of the book on how to actually play zombie tag, spatulas and all! Bonus!)

Bottom line: I'm not here to tell you how to live your life. But if I were, I would tell you to wrangle yourself up a copy of Zombie Tag.

And maybe also to hug your brother.

(Assuming he's not looking to eat your brains.)

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