Thursday, April 28, 2011

Road Trip Thursday - Vegas to Denver

During our past two road trips, we had a solid idea of where we wanted to end up - first Florida, and then California. On this trip, we're playing it much more loosely and are just sort of ambling from state to state.

(Side note: I'm seriously delighted by this, but I'm also a person who drifted in and out of the state of Indiana three times in one day about four years ago. By dinnertime, I didn't even know what time zone I was in anymore - and didn't really care, as long as it was, in fact, dinnertime.)

As a result, we've been drifting eastward/southerly from Oregon these past few weeks; first to Nevada, then to Colorado. We couldn't go to Nevada without going to Vegas, but since much of Vegas is restricted to our fearless travelers, we did what any underage Vegas tourists would do and visited both the Guinness World of Records Museum - now sadly closed - and M&M World.

(Side note #2: How could we visit a museum that is no longer open? Well, that's the magic of a pretend road-trip. In real life, one sits in a hot desert parking lot wiping tears from one's eyes because one did not do one's research. On a pretend road trip, one marvels at the world's largest corn dog.)

Our next stop was Denver, Colorado, where we visited the United States mint there and learned all about how money is made. Literally. We even got to design our own! Some denominations included an $800 bill, a $2,000 bill, and the ever-elusive million dollar bill. (Talk about not wanting that one to go through the wash!)

Next week we head even further south and into Texas.

But Angela, you say. Haven't we already been to Texas?

Not on Cinco de Mayo, we haven't. See you there.

Photo by Hakan Dahlstrom via Creative Commons

Thursday, April 14, 2011


For the past five years, The Washington Post has sponsored a Peeps Diorama Contest, and they post the winners and the 35 runners-up on their website.

Need some crafting insipration? Stock up on half-price Peeps at the end of the month and see what you can create!

image "Goodnight, Peeps" courtesy of The Washington Post

Friday, April 8, 2011

Road Trip Thursday - Aloha!

Back in the saddle again. Or, as the case may be, back in the rickety hatchback with no clock again. Our fearless travelers are back again - with some new hitchhikers - and ready to take on the 50 states.

When last we met, we had just pulled into California. Now, everyone knows what you'll find west of California - the Pacific Ocean. But did we let that stop us from heading west? Absolutely not! Especially not when Hawaii was beckoning...

So we put our little car on the proverbial ferry and went to Hawaii, where we made lei, listened to ukulele music (because, yes, I did happen to have a uke with me), driank pineapple juice and ate macadamia nuts. (Well, macadamia nut cookies.) We even had a hula dancer in the car with us, and she showed us some of her moves.

But eventually we did have to move on, crossing back over to the mainland to our next destination: Oregon. Stay tuned for those adventures and more on the next Road Trip Thursday!

Photo by Monster Pete via Creative Commons

Monday, April 4, 2011

Get ready to be entertained!

Our popular summer performing arts series is back....with a new twist! There will still be eight Live @ the Library! events, but half of them will be part of our LATL spinoff, Live @ the Library! JUNIOR. Read on.....

A traditional performance series
Monday evenings, 7:30-8:30 pm
Ages 7-12 (adults welcome to attend)
Pre-registration is required each week
JUNE 27: Percussionist Bill Marconi performs "Rhythms of the World"
JULY 18: Magician Tom Yurasits performs "Magic from Around the World"
JULY 25: Actor/Storyteller Rick Waterhouse performs "King Rupert Greets the World"
AUGUST 8: Musician Caryn Lin performs "Bach 2 Rock"

A more interactive, workshop-style experience
Thursday afternoons, 2:00-3:00 pm
Ages 3-6 (accompanying adults required to attend)
Pre-registration is required each week
JUNE 23: Dance instructor and Choreographer Roberta Halpern presents "Global Rhythms"
JULY 7: Musician Silly Joe performs "Songs and Stories from Around the World"
JULY 14: Youth Stages presents "Multicultural Stories"

Both Live @ the Library! and Live @ the Library! JUNIOR are sponsored by the The Friends of Tredyffrin Public Library. We thank them for their generous and continued support of quality programming.

[image courtesy of Braeburn Music]