Friday, April 8, 2011

Road Trip Thursday - Aloha!

Back in the saddle again. Or, as the case may be, back in the rickety hatchback with no clock again. Our fearless travelers are back again - with some new hitchhikers - and ready to take on the 50 states.

When last we met, we had just pulled into California. Now, everyone knows what you'll find west of California - the Pacific Ocean. But did we let that stop us from heading west? Absolutely not! Especially not when Hawaii was beckoning...

So we put our little car on the proverbial ferry and went to Hawaii, where we made lei, listened to ukulele music (because, yes, I did happen to have a uke with me), driank pineapple juice and ate macadamia nuts. (Well, macadamia nut cookies.) We even had a hula dancer in the car with us, and she showed us some of her moves.

But eventually we did have to move on, crossing back over to the mainland to our next destination: Oregon. Stay tuned for those adventures and more on the next Road Trip Thursday!

Photo by Monster Pete via Creative Commons

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