Saturday, May 26, 2012

Family Storytimes

Our popular Family Storytimes, led by the wonderful Miss Angie, will continue on Mondays and Thursdays (except Memorial Day) at 10:30am for ages 5 and under with caregiver. Starting the week of June 18th and ending on August 10th, Family Storytimes will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10:30am.

Summer Events-No Sign Ups, Now "First Come, First Served"

How do I sign up for these great Children's Department Special Events?You don't!  This year all of our special events and storytimes (see Summer Reading 2012 flyer) will operate on a first come, first served basis. Starting 1/2 hour before the start time of the scheduled event, staff will distribute "Terrific Tredyffrin Tickets" to those waiting to attend the event.

How many tickets will be distributed?Each event has a different maximum amount and tickets will be distributed until that maximum amount is reached.  The maximum amount will be posted on special event flyers displayed in advance of the performances.

Does my child need to be a certain age to attend a Special Event program?Often children do need to be a certain age to attend an event or performance.  We will adhere to the age limit that is set by our performers to ensure an appropriate audience and fairness for all attending. Age restrictions will be posted on our Special Event promotion materials.

Will storytimes be affected by the first come, first served policy?All programs conducted by library staff (except 90 Second Newberry and Science in the Summer) will operate on a first, come basis too and age restrictions will be in place.

                                          SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Art Show Opening Reception

Young artists ages 5-8 created dozens of drawings and paintings throughout the fall, winter, and spring session of our FRAMED! A Journey in Art class. On Tuesday, May 22, we opened the "gallery" and invited their families to a reception in their honor. Fizzy drinks, cheese, and sweets were consumed, techniques were explained, and art was admired. The gallery, which is located in the large event room at the library, will be open through Friday, June 15. Please take a few extra minutes to stop in the next time you're here to pick up or drop off books and media. 

Special thanks to Miss Angela and our three Conestoga High School interns (Beth, Cameron, and Dana) for their help setting up and maintaining the gallery.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Web Resources for Homeschooling Families

For those of you who are homeschooling veterans, many of these sites may already be familiar to you. For those who are just beginning the journey, this might be a good place to begin.

Pennsylvania Department of Education: Overview of Homeschooling

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers : 

Jon’s Homeschooling Resources:

POWER Library (includes resources like CyberSmarts, SIRS Discoverer, and AP Images):

The Homeschool Mom:

Homeschool Curriculum:

PA Virtual Charter School:

Handwork Studio:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rock Out With The Not-Its!

Sometimes you want a CD for bedtime, or when you're in a mellow mood on a Sunday afternoon. Yeah...this is not that CD...

I have been trying to decide on my favorite song, and I just can't do it -- every single track is chock-full of head-boppin' goodness. From the 60s-inspired electric/acoustic mix of "Helicopter" and "Dressin' Up," to the jangly, happy "Watch Me Share," to the power-pop beats of "We Are the Not-Its!" and "The Great Compromise," to the neo-punk/New Wave stylings of "B.A.T.H." you'll find plenty here to create a soundtrack for your very own family dance party.

If you're a fan of the beat-driven, high-quality pop music that artists like The Bangles, Matthew Sweet, Cake, Velocity Girl, and OK Go specialize in, you will love The Not-Its! But don't just take my word for it. Here's what Big Top Rock had to say:

Meet The Not-Its! – Seattle’s most rockin’ band making music for children. Their debut album, We Are The Not-Its!, took the kindie rock scene by storm, receiving a Fids & Kamily Music Award for one of the best family music albums of 2009—unprecedented for a freshman release. The Not-Its! combine crunchy guitars with smooth, four-part harmonies, all nestled within “fantastic danceable pop gems about gettin’ fancy, birthday parties, bath time and intergalactic play dates.” The Not-Its! may also be the nation’s best-dressed kids’ band, sporting skinny pink ties and fluffy pink tutus that appeal to kids’ discerning fashion sense. Their high-energy stage performances are guaranteed to get audiences on their feet and jumping around with delight. 

You can find The Not-Its! (well, their CDs), in the children's music collection, shelved in j General K-R.