Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rock Out With The Not-Its!

Sometimes you want a CD for bedtime, or when you're in a mellow mood on a Sunday afternoon. Yeah...this is not that CD...

I have been trying to decide on my favorite song, and I just can't do it -- every single track is chock-full of head-boppin' goodness. From the 60s-inspired electric/acoustic mix of "Helicopter" and "Dressin' Up," to the jangly, happy "Watch Me Share," to the power-pop beats of "We Are the Not-Its!" and "The Great Compromise," to the neo-punk/New Wave stylings of "B.A.T.H." you'll find plenty here to create a soundtrack for your very own family dance party.

If you're a fan of the beat-driven, high-quality pop music that artists like The Bangles, Matthew Sweet, Cake, Velocity Girl, and OK Go specialize in, you will love The Not-Its! But don't just take my word for it. Here's what Big Top Rock had to say:

Meet The Not-Its! – Seattle’s most rockin’ band making music for children. Their debut album, We Are The Not-Its!, took the kindie rock scene by storm, receiving a Fids & Kamily Music Award for one of the best family music albums of 2009—unprecedented for a freshman release. The Not-Its! combine crunchy guitars with smooth, four-part harmonies, all nestled within “fantastic danceable pop gems about gettin’ fancy, birthday parties, bath time and intergalactic play dates.” The Not-Its! may also be the nation’s best-dressed kids’ band, sporting skinny pink ties and fluffy pink tutus that appeal to kids’ discerning fashion sense. Their high-energy stage performances are guaranteed to get audiences on their feet and jumping around with delight. 

You can find The Not-Its! (well, their CDs), in the children's music collection, shelved in j General K-R.

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