Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ooo La La! Tres Chic!

On Monday, February 20, we celebrated all things fancy and French with our Fancy Nancy Hearts and Flowers Tea Party. Over 50 young mesdemoiselles and messieurs ages 4-8 sipped (iced) tea (with their pinkies out, of course) and nibbled cookies; listened to a plethora of Parisian tunes; worked on Fancy Nancy-themed mazes, matching games, and coloring pages; listened to a book from the Fancy Nancy series; and tested their posture and poise with a book relay. The catch: they had to carry the books on their heads...

Merci beaucoup to Mlle. Laurie, Mlle. Angela, and several parents for their help on the day. It was tres magnifique! We have other special events planned for the spring, and the reading club keeps us busy all summer, but please keep an eye out for the fall 2012 calendar for our next fancy event.

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