Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stealing Our Thunder?

I just read about a service for book lovers called For $25+ a month (!), with a minimum 3-month subscription (!), "pick the gift recipient and experts (librarians, educators, authors) will recommend a book collection with themes as varied as bedtime stories and adult science fiction. Ten percent of the profits support literacy programs."

All right, that last part is nice. But, here's the thing: you DO know that you can get this service for free, right? At your public library? It's true! We need a little lead time for a list like this, but we LOVE giving recommendations. You can also check our Goodreads page, which is updated weekly. Not only do we know what kids like, but, as adults and voracious readers ourselves, we might actually be able to give you some decent adult reading suggestions, too! If you then choose to write a donation check for $25 or more, one hundred percent of the "profits" support your local library; or, you can donate directly to the literacy organization of your choice. Win-win, right?

Pfft., indeed......;-)

[image courtesy of Katie's Book Blog]

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