Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PreK/K Story Time 11.19.13

When to be honest and when to be tactful. When to stick up for yourself and when to be thankful.


Being Frank
story by Donna W. Earnhardt
illustrations by Andrea Castellani
Frank by name, Frank by nature. Honesty is certainly the best policy most times, but other times it is tact that is called for. Frank is brutally honest to everyone he encounters throughout the day, including his long-suffering mother ("You wouldn't get so many wrinkles if you didn't glare at me like that. And by the way -- you're speeding.") and the local police ("Yes, officer. She knew how fast she was going. I told her."). But after some tips from his wise and formerly-too-frank grandfather, Frank learns that an honest opinion is best given when specifically asked for, that finding something kind to say actually makes things more fun. Especially if it's a truthful but loving poem to your mom ("Mom, your hair looks nice today. I only see a little gray."). A fun and funny read-aloud.

An Awesome Book of Thanks
story and illustrations by Dallas Clayton
"Awesome" is one of my favorite and most frequently-used words, and I am happy to say that this book lives up to that sentiment. Clayton presents us with all the things for which we might be thankful, both large and small, using poetic rhyming text and vibrant, funky, humorous drawings. The book is inspiring and sweet and thoughtful without ever being cloying or trite. All of his stuff is, well, awesome! You can check him out here and here.

Mary Wrightly, So Politely
story by Shirin Yim Bridges
illustrations by Maria Monescillo
Mary is an extremely polite, deferential, and soft-spoken little girl. She always says "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me." But extremes of both frankness and politeness have their pitfalls. Mary tries to keep out of everyone's way in a crowded department store, and says "Oof, excuse me!" as someone else's handbag bonks her in the head. In the store, she picks out one gift followed by another for her little brother's birthday only to have someone more assertive beat her to each one. Only when she sees the perfect blue elephant about to be taken home by another lady does she finally raise her voice, stand her ground, and get what she wants. Politely, though, of course. This is a lovely book about the importance of speaking up for oneself and it is filled with with colorful but softly-executed illustrations. Highly recommended.

We put leaves on our Thanks Tree and wrote and decorated thank you cards to give to the people for whom we are thankful.

This was the last class of the fall 2013 session. If you have children between the ages of 4 and 6, please join us for the winter session, which begins on Tuesday, January 14. There is no charge, and registration is not required, but tickets will be given out starting at 1:30 the day of each class. The program is limited to 18 children, ages 4-6. We also have a short holiday session starting next week, with lots of one-and-done programs. You can see the schedule here.

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