Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magician MIKE ROSE is Coming!

Please join us on Tuesday, June 19 at 7:30 pm in the large event room for "Dreams, Schemes, and Magic Things," in which magician Mike Rose will present a show full of impossible magic tricks, weird mind-reading stunts, and off-the-wall comedy, all themed around dreams and nighttime. Seriously, check out that photo: he's pulling a $100 bill out of a wrapped Twinkie. A TWINKIE!!! How does he do it?

Mike's action-packed programs have been hits in over 25 states. Working on two levels, Mike simultaneously entertains audience members regardless of age. While the kids are caught up in the magic and off the wall interactive comedy, the adults are entertained on a second level with inside jokes, situational humor, and obscure references. Sometimes the comedy comes flying at them so fast they have to ask the kids what happened! 

This program is for all ages and will admit up to 75 people on a first-come basis (no pre-registration required),  so please be prompt and be sure to allow enough time for parking. Any child age 6 and under must be accompanied and closely supervised by an adult. Admission is FREE.

More info about Mike can be found at his web site. "Dreams, Schemes, and Magic Things" is brought to you through the generosity of The Friends of Tredyffrin Public Library.

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