Monday, August 6, 2012

Best. Random. Question. Ever.

Hey, all. Miss Angela here. There are times when I wish I could share with you all the absolutely priceless moments in my day as your children's librarian. Today I finally realized, wait! We have a blog. Let the sharing commence!

Last week was my final week of reading stories to the children at the Tredyffrin Township day camp this summer, and I tried to build a little extra time into each session for Q&A.

Some of the questions I got were about the book I'd just read. Some were about summer reading. Was it still going on? Could they still sign up? (Yes, and yes.) One girl asked me what my favorite book was. (Currently, my favorite picture book is Extra Yarn.)

But one group was utterly silent. I asked if they had any questions about the book. Blank stares. About summer reading? Nothing. About the library? Dead silence. (Which is difficult to do outdoors.) About me?

Finally, one girl raised her hand. "Do you dye your hair that color?"

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