Saturday, January 5, 2013

Books in Brief: Previously

Picture Book:  Previously

Author:  Allan Ahlberg

Reviewer:  Carla

Five Reasons Why this Book is Cool:

-Naturally, obviously, certainly we all need know what our favorite fairy tale friends were up to previously...
-Who knew that prior to her break-in at the Three Bears' house Goldilocks had been keeping time with Jack of beanstalk fame?
-Beanstalk Jack is sister of Jill, those two climbers of the hill!?!
-Did you know that in an effort to escape baking, the Gingerbread Boy bumped into Cinderella herself and that once upon a time all of these fairy tale hall-of-famers were babies just like you and me!
-Funky and great artwork by Bruce Ingman combined with Ahlberg's cheerful, fun, and so funny prose make Previously delightfully good.

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