Thursday, October 7, 2010

Road Trip Thursday - Day Three

I'll come right out and confess that I'm from upstate New York. Therefore, I have a pretty big chip on my shoulder when it comes to New York City vs. The Entire Rest Of The State issues.

However, when we've only got 45 minutes in which to explore a state that hosts what is arguably the cultural capital of our nation, NYC is going to get the attention, and upstate New York just...isn't.

We started today by reading a selection from Ballpark: The History of America's Baseball Fields, since there was a strong desire in our car to visit Yankee Stadium. We learned all about the House that Ruth Built - and about how the Babe actually started his career with the Red Sox. (And let me tell you, there was a very strong outcry in our car when that little bit of news was shared... We have some die-hard Yankee fans around here!)

After Yankee Stadium, we went and built ourselves the Statue of Liberty, using only paper towel tubes, pipe cleaners, paper plates, and human beings. How we ended up with three torches, I still don't know, but now she has two spares...

As for upstate New York, the aforementioned Entire Rest Of The State? Well, we sampled some apple cider and listened to Low Bridge.

Ah, well. I will somehow manage to hold my head up when I cross the state line at Christmas.

Join us next week when we arrive in the Buckeye state!

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