Friday, September 17, 2010

Hidden Classic #2: Frog & Toad Together

“‘I cannot remember any of the things that were on my list of things to do. I will just have to sit here and do nothing,’ said Toad.” It is this kind of silly, subtle humor that combines with the sweetness of true friendship to make the Newbery Honor book Frog and Toad Together so appealing.

The second volume in author-illustrator Arnold Lobel’s classic Frog and Toad series, this book consists of five episodes that explore the adventures and practical education of Frog and Toad, who learn lessons about patience or restraint in everyday situations, like waiting for seeds to grow or knowing you should stop eating cookies but not being able to.

(And we've all been there, right? No? Just me?)

Originally published in 1972, the art may seem a little simple and dated to modern children, but Lobel’s simple line drawings filled in with watercolor browns, greens and grays perfectly complement his stories. 20-point typeface and plenty of white space make the story visually approachable for new readers, while the narrative introduces increasingly complex vocabulary words and themes, including what it means to be brave and the importance of sharing the spotlight.

Appropriate for preschoolers and younger elementary school children, even adults will enjoy these tales.

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