Friday, September 17, 2010

PreK and Kindergarten Story Time: We All Have Tales

As part of an overall travel and multiciltural theme in the department this fall , including our "Road Trip Thursdays" program (see Angela's post) and our "AMERICA: A Nation if Immigrants" display, my fall story time theme for the PreK and Kindergarten group will be "We All Have Tales."

Each week in story time (details below), I'll read two folk or fairy tales from a different area of the world. The tales will be supplemented by crafts, songs, DVD clips, games, and/or snacks, depending upon the subject of the week. Story time parents will also be given a list of our favorite folk and fairy tales and web resources for further reading outside of class. On Tuesday, October 26, during Halloween week, story time participants are encouraged to wear a mask or costume that reflects a particular fairy tale, folk tale, or culture (their own or one in which they're interested) for photos and a parade through the library.

I look forward to greeting you all with a hearty ahn nyeong, assalaam o aleykum, bonjour, ciao, hallo, hola, konnichi wa, namaste, nei ho, ni hao, privet, sat sri akal, shalom, vanakkam, or xin chao!

Michele :-)

PreK and Kindergarten Story Time
Ages 4-5 (able to participate independently from adults)
September 21-November 16, 2010
Tuesdays, 2:00-2:45 pm
Register in person or by calling 610.688.7092 x210
Space is limited to 25 participants

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