Friday, September 17, 2010

Road Trip Thursday

One new program that Tredyffrin Library is offering to kids this fall is Road Trip Thursday - an exploration of the 50 states, as discovered through a make-believe road trip. Buckled securely into their imaginary seats are fearless kids in grades 1-5. Behind the pretend steering wheel is Miss Angela.
(Trust me. The best way to drive with Miss Angela is when she is pretend-driving.)

This week, before we load up our car, we'll review our budget, get a quick refresher course in map-reading (since our pretend car has no GPS), decide where we want to go, and then look for books and websites where we can find information about the destination we've picked.
If there's any time left, we might play a road-tripping game, since our pretend car is just like Miss Angela's real car and has no DVD player. Or CD player. Or tape player. (Or air conditioning or clock, if we're being honest.)
Interested? Call 610-688-7092, ext. 210 to register, or sign up on the clipboard at the children's desk the next time you visit us.
Photo by Suzanne Widrick. And no, this is not actually Angela's real car.

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