Saturday, September 22, 2012

Books in Brief: Iris and Walter

Reviewer:  Carla

Book and Author:  Iris and Walter  by Elissa Haden Guest

5 Reasons Why This Beginning Reader is Terrific:

-Iris misses the big city after a move to the quiet country but gradually learns to appreciate nature and outdoor adventures.
-Iris sets off on her adventures with her wise, kind, and ready-for-action grandfather.
-Iris climbs a tree and finds not only a nifty tree house but a friend too, Walter!
-Truly stunning water color drawings tell the tale visually while the text lends itself to reading success for new readers.
-Starry skies, cool grass, wild horses, that nifty tree house plus a good new friend combine to create a perfect happy ending.

Where to Find this Book:  "JE READER IRIS,"
shelved with the featured readers

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